8 important things Iretiola Doyle told Pulse about her career

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Iretiola Doyle says she can be razz or elegant for a movie

Here are the eight important things Iretiola told Pulse about her career and person.

Iretiola Doyle is one of the few Nigerian TV stars, who has made a name for herself acting and playing several roles.

Once famous for her TV show, Oge with Iretiola, the actor and TV show host recently had a sit down session with Pulse on her career and she had so much to say.

Here are the eight things Iretiola told Pulse about her career and person.

1. As a veteran actress, which do you prefer between stage and TV cum movie productions?

Stage every single time. Stage because it keeps you on your toes, you can't take it for granted, there is no cut, take two, you have to deliver on the spot, and there is a certain rush that I get from the energy that is exchanged between the actor and the live audience. So, if given the choice, it will be stage every single time. Unfortunately, the reward is not as heavy as television and film.

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2. So, can the ability to act on stage be used as a parameter in grading thespians?

I will say this much, people who have the theatre background are cut from a different cloth and I am not just saying this, you can tell by the way they behave, the way they deliver on their craft, their level of discipline, there are certain things you just can not get away with in theatre. Two, there is a lot of things that theatre does that you will have to consciously acquire in other genre through work. You can not be a successful theatre artist if your ego is larger than life. You have to trust your teammates, you have to trust your colleagues, you are going to get undressed in front of each other. It is a leveler, you are going into the project knowing fully well that we have each other's back, there is no rivalry, if one person is bad, then everyone is bad, so it equips you with a certain kind of mindset.

3. You joined the industry while in school, would you have joined after the completion of your degree?

Actually, I would have joined the industry, it just happened a whole lot faster because school was on strike and Ii didn't have anything to do and it was a burning passion in my belly, so I seized the opportunity, spoke to somebody and it goes on till it makes a way for you. And from that point on, it now depends how ready you are for what has been presented to you and I was ready.

4. When did you realise acting was all you wanted to do?

Acting was something I knew I could always do. It came to me naturally, I didn't even realise that it came to me naturally but I just found out that in secondary school with all the major performance, when somebody was called out, it would be me. How did I know that was what I wanted to do. I think 'Checkmate' was the first Nigerian production that I fell in love with, I used to rush back home to watch, then there was 'Mind bending' a TV series produced by Lola Fani Kayode and starred Joke Silva at the time and I watched a scene when Aunty J took me on an emotional journey. I just knew, it sound weird but I had always known this was what I wanted to do.


5. You were once big with Oge with Iretiola, what happened?

Oge with Iretiola is done and will be coming back soon. In fact, it's done, we are doing the final corrections, the only reason why I won't give you a date is because when we do final corrections, it goes back to the person who has bought it and it's up to them to decide when they are going to air it but it's coming back and it has been produced. The first 26 episodes of a brand new season is done, all our promotional work is ready, I am just waiting for them to allocate us the airtime and the date and we roll out.

6. Your role in the movie, 'Torn' won you awards, how did you condition your mind into getting into that character?

The first thing that came to my mind after I saw the script is that I don't care how they do it, I have to act in this movie, there are some roles that speaks to you. The brief was clear cut, she wasn't well but it wasn't obvious that she was unwell. And what was her illness, she believed a truth that was a lie, so that for me, my work was pretty much cut out, I just needed to keep believing that lie as if it was a truth. It didn't matter what came at me, that was my husband and anybody else who said anything contradictory was in trouble, so that was just it and I think we are all kind of crazy, ain't we (laughs).

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7. You are viewed as a no nonsense actress as a result of your roles, what's your take on it?

I run the gamut, I can play hard, I can play soft, I can play corny, I can be serious, I can be elegant and I can be razz, I am an actor.

8. Are there scenes or roles you wish you can go back and redo?

Go back and do over, no but do I mark my papers? Intensely. Every time I watch a project of mine, that is what I am doing, marking my papers and if you are honest, you will always see some things that I would want to do different maybe not necessarily better maybe different and some times, maybe better because we are in the moment. I mark my papers and I think any actor that worths their weight in gold should.






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