Artistry Media wins Lagos Film Academy’s $5,000 grant

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<h1>Artistry Media, which consists of Baridakara Nwilene, Alfa Faruk Umar, and Joshua Tostso, has won the $5,000 film project grant from the Lagos Film Academy.</h1>

<p class="">In a recent statement, the three young and aspiring filmmaker were selected by the <a href="" id="8665b8ae-eff5-4c40-a13f-04e06d4bc863">Lagos Film Academy</a> for the grant in the third Film for Life competition.</p>

<p class="">The three members of Artistry Media will have the opportunity to make a short film directed at impacting social change with focus on the upcoming 2019 general elections in Nigeria.</p>

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<p class="">Artistry Media defeated two other teams, Pantheon and Nu’Afriqan, after they all pitched stories for the <a href="" id="96dde9b3-e085-4693-aa55-dc8a88bad16c">Film for Life project</a>.</p>

<p class="">From over 600 applications received, nine finalist were shortlisted and trained by movie producers <strong>Emma Uduma</strong> and <strong>Grace Babasola</strong>, alongside LFA founder <strong>Chris Ihidero</strong> on an all-expenses paid three-day boot camp.</p>

<p class="">Artistry Media has Nwilene as the team producer, Umar as the team writer, and Tostso as the team director.</p>

<p class="">Commending the winners, Ihidero said, “<em>Artistry Media was selected because they had the most compelling storyline. We had a great time at boot camp and heard an array of ideas during the pitching sessions. The shooting for the short film begins immediately.</em></p>

<p class=""><em>“It is also important for us to make animpact with the short film that will be made, with the grant gotten from Global Philanthropy Alliance. The upcoming election is a major social happening inNigeria, hence the need to play our parts with the story that will be told</em>.”</p>

<p class="">The short film, which Artistry Media will write, direct and produce themselves will encourage citizen involvement in the electoral processes and the upcoming Nigerian general elections in February 2019. </p>





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