Big Brother Naija: 5 types of #BBNaija supporters

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From the shippers to the fighters, here are 5 types of Big Brother Naija supporters.

There are several types of supporters you probably meet during Big Brother Naija: Double Wahala.

Pulse Movies has put together a list to help you identify which group you fall into as a supporter.

1. The silent supporters

For reasons such as how their fave is perceived by the Twitter community, or for personal reasons, these group of supporters remain anonymous and would never publicly share their thoughts about the show.

They stay off social media but vote so hard to save their favourite housemate.


2. The shippers

One of the reasons why people watch Big Brother Naija is the relationships that are built on the show. This year, we had  Mina (Miracle and Nina), Loto (Lolu and Anto), Ceebi  (Cee-C and Tobi), Leolex (Leo and Alex) and the Bamteddys (Bambam and Teddy A).

There are supporters, whose job is to share loved up moments of their faves on social media. They buy asoebi, "awww" to everything their favourite does, and even have a restless night when their favourite couple quarrel.


3. The die-hard

These ones spend almost the whole day on Twitter updating their fellow team members on events happening in the Big Brother House.

Some of them change their Twitter avatar to reflect their favourite contestant. You can tell their favourite housemate via their Twitter account, which often reads: Team Tobi, Miracle's sugar mummy, Cee-C is my king among others.

These ones vote hard to keep their favourite housemate in the house, are wiling to contribute money for them if they eventually don't win, march to the airport to welcome them, and support whatever hustle they choose after the show.

4. The fighters

They are also die-hard followers. But unlike the above-mentioned, they are willing to trade insults with the opposing team, or anyone who isn't in support of their favourite.

When they get to the airport to welcome their fave, they don't mind attacking their least favourite housemate, verbally or physically. They are also willing to exchange blows for their favourite.

5. The follow-follow

You can also call them the last minute supporters. They don't watch the show or even follow the events of the season on social media.

Their decision to support a particular housemate is usually influenced by a viral video.

Their tweets will always start off like this: "I don't even follow the show, but because of this, I am voting for …."

You can also call them the social media followers because most of them never eventually vote.

Which type pf supporter are you?






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