Big Brother Naija: Cee-C on biggest change she has had to deal with since #BBNaija ended

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Cee-C says she does not owe Tobi any apology

Cee-C also talks about life lessons she learned from #BBNaija that has helped her outside the house.

Cee-C has spoken to Pulse about the biggest change she has had to deal with since Big Brother Naija ended.

She also spoke about life lessons from the show that is helping her live her life outside the house.

Read the interview below:

On biggest change since #BBNaija ended

Not being able to walk down the street without people saying, 'hey,' 'hi Cee-C,' can I take a picture? For me, it's new, it wasn't like that before I left for the house.

Sometimes [it's] exhausting. Sometimes you're just too tired. I mean, after a long day, you just want to sleep and people are still asking for pictures. And then you can't even say no, we have to do it for them.


On life lessons learned in the house that has helped outside the house

That house, I think I experienced what people usually experience in 30 years in three months. So life lessons, I think one of them is live and let people live.

I don't think your opinion is people's truth. So sometimes you just have to take a step backward and watch people do their thing. Allow people to be. Whatever it is, allow people to exist.


In another interview with Pulse Nigeria, Cee-C shared which housemate she misjudged, her favourite housemates, forgiving those who hurt her, and apologizing to those she 'hurt.'

The third season of #BBNaija  came to an end on April 22, with Miracle as the winner, Cee-C as the first runner-up, and Tobi as the second runner-up.






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