Big Brother Naija: "I don’t think I owe Tobi any apology now" – Cee-C says

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Tobi Cee-C media Room Hub interview Big Brother Naija

Tobi says the kind of support Cee-C is receiving makes her feel like she did nothing wrong in the #BBNaija house.

Following their stay in the Big Brother Naija house, Cee-C has said that she doesn't think she owes Tobi any apology.

The housemate made this known during their interview with Media Room Hub, where they also spoke about their controversial relationship, which was one of the highlights of the season.

According to Tobi, while he doesn't hate Cee-C for her actions in the house, he wants her to accept that she was wrong, apologize and then try to be better.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

On if other housemates frustrated her into depression

Cee-C –  Yeah. Coming out of the house, I realized that other housemates saw me as a threat to them and they tried to pull me down. I feel like people were intentionally doing certain things to frustrate me.

On going for anger management classes

Cee-C – I won’t say because someone did one or two things and I reacted, I don’t have… You can be angry but don’t react that way, that’s not cool.

For me, it’s all about learning [and] knowing the fact that bottling thing inside is not good enough. You can explode at any time and hurt the other person.

On apologizing and making things right

Tobi – To be honest, nobody can tell me that part [Cee-C abusing him] in the house was a game. Of course, professionally I don’t hate her. A lot of things I did in the house and how I was able to handle a lot of things in the house was because I still see her as a friend.

But for me, for this relationship to continue three things are involved. Accept you were wrong, apologize and then try to be better.

Cee-C – I don’t want to sound defensive in here but the truth is I don’t think I owe Tobi any apology as at now. You know why? Because I have already apologized for using certain words at him.

When I went into the house, I didn’t ask Tobi to come around me, I didn’t force him to like me. He should have simply walked up to me to tell me what I did wrong.

One thing I know I did very wrong was the day that I used a lot of bad words to him [and] for that I [have] apologized to Tobi.

Tobi – It wasn’t the first time.


On apologizing to Tobi for insulting him

– I apologized not because he was not wrong or did not do anything for me to do what I did, but because no matter what, attitude is good with all regardless, and I feel like that is not who I want to be.

I don’t want to hear Cee-C is this Cee-C is that, and I don’t want that for myself either. Everybody watched the show; you all saw what went down in the Big brother house. You all saw what Cee-c did wrong, what Tobi did wrong.

I agree I was wrong by using certain words for Tobi and I apologized to him. Whether he thinks it was a game of whatever, that’s his cup of tea and he can drink it.


On working together in the future

Tobi: We can work together, I am very professional or let me say I have to be professional. When I was head of house, I had issues with a lot of people. People didn't like me, but regardless, we come together and achieve. Smile when we have to smile, [and] get the job done.

For me, I would like to get the job done regardless of personal issues. So working professionally? Definitely, we can. But to try and be in a relationship? We can’t.

We just have to be friends, I repeat just friends. Looking at the kind of support she is getting, she feels there is nothing wrong with what she did or said in the house. Before leaving the house she felt that way, leaving the house now she even feel more like that.

Cee-C – Sorry about what exactly, like I said earlier I owe Tobi no apology.

The third season of #BBNaija  came to an end on April 22, with Miracle as the winner, Cee-C as the first runner-up, and Tobi as the second runner-up.






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