"Castle and Castle": 7 things we learned from episode 7 of legal drama series [Spoilers]

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10 things we learned from episode 5 and 6 of Castle and Castle

In the new episode, Kemi takes the fall for Ben, Doshima and Kwabena's sex life is affecting their work, and Malik puts in extra effort into his latest case.

We have put together seven things we learned from the fifth and sixth episodes of "Castle and Castle," including the funniest scene and favourite performance of the week.

Spoiler Warning

This article has spoilers, so you should only read if you've seen the latest episode of the legal drama series. Catch up on our review of episodes five and six here.

Here we go:

1. Kemi takes the fall for Ben

Kemi takes the blame for the accident that happened in the final minutes of episode six. And when Ben asks why she's doing this, she says she doesn't want him to go to jail, adding that the cops would be more lenient to female drivers.

Remi and Tega arrive the Police station and post her bail. They also think the case should be an easy one to settle out of court with money.

While Tega seems kind of calm about the situation, Remi, who isn't exactly a fan of Kemi, or perhaps, a fan of any of her son's female friends, has a condescending attitude about it. Ben is angry. He insists that one of them take up her case, but Remi thinks they have done enough by bailing her out.

2. The family of the deceased don't want to settle out of court

The family of the deceased are offered two million naira to settle out of court, but they insist on charging Kemi for murder.

While she panics about possibly going to jail, a restless Ben tries to convince his parents to add, at least, a million to the money being offered to the family.

Remi doesn't think they can afford such money. According to her, they are low on cash and have done enough for Kemi.

3. Ben eventually confesses to his parents

Ben, who couldn't afford to see Kemi go to prison for a crime he committed, decides to tell the truth about the night of the accident.

Remi doesn't believe him. She thinks Kemi convinced him to take the fall. Grandpa, who, if you remember, gifted Ben the 'accursed car,' makes an appearance this episode.

This time, he isn't trying to blame Tega for anything. He's rather offering them an extra seven million naira to help with the settlement, which, going by Ben and Kemi's conversation in the final scene, was a success.

During this conversation, Ben asks Kemi why she did what she did for him, and her response is that it's what friends do for each other.

She asks Ben if he wouldn't do the same for her, and he says he isn't sure. "I'm not as brave as you, Kemi."

4. Jessica is mad at Ben

Jessica is mad at Ben for not telling her that he was the one who murdered the man. She is also suspicious of his friendship with Kemi.

According to her, he could only have come out to confess if he felt more for her than just friendship.

Jessica seems tired of the relationship and ready to return to London, which we think is a perfect idea. Her exit could mean a relationship between Kemi and Ben, which would in turn mean getting to see Remi constantly upset.

5. Kwabena and Doshima's sex life is affecting their work

After their conversation about keeping things professional, Kwabena and Doshima hook up again, and it's affecting their work.

During a meeting with a client, Doshima is sleepy. She is warned by Nneka, who reminds her that her performance as a corper determines if she gets retained by the company.

And just like Doshima, Kwabena doesn't seem unaffected by their sleepless night.

6. This week's case

This week, the lawyers are approached by a client named Dolapo, who dated a professional footballer – Wasiu – for two years before their engagement is called off.

Two months later, she finds out she is HIV positive and when she confronts him, he denies it. She tells them that she doesn't want him to go to jail for infecting her. She only wants money to take care of her health.

Wasiu's lawyer wants to know how Nneka and Co. are sure his client wasn't infected by Dolapo. According to him, she could have been sleeping with other guys.

Wasiu eventually confesses to infecting her, but he doesn't want the news out there as he is bothered about what would happen to his football career.

They all try to convince him that his health is more important.

7. Malik isn't going to rest until his client's rapist goes to jail

First, let's agree that there is something about Malik and his approach to every case. At least, the serious ones. It never seems like it's just work for him. It always seems like there's a story or a part of his past that he is hiding from his present.

In this episode, Kwabena mentions that he has never seen Malik so involved with a case as he is with his latest client Ore, who was raped by Jimmy, the son of a wealthy military man.  He simply says, 'I hate rapists.'

We get to see Malik confront Seun, the guy who covered up for Jimmy. He reminds him that while Jimmy's parents can delay his inevitable fate, his parents can't.

And by the end of the episode, Malik has invited Jimmy and his lawyer – Mike – for questioning, gotten Jimmy's DNA, convinced Seun to testify, and has the permission to represent Ore in court.

Favourite performer(s) of the week.

Blossom Chukwujekwu – With each new scene, Chukwujekwu appears as Malik with such brilliance and an intensity that makes his character more endearing than the last time you saw him.






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