Chika Ike: Actress next feature film is titled "Small Chops"

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Chika Ike's next feature film is titled "Small Chops"

Chika Ike has revealed the title of her next feature film, and it's "Small Chops." She also shares the meaning of the title.

Chika Ike has announced that she is working on a new feature film titled "Small Chops."

The actress took to Instagram to share a photo of herself, challenging her followers to guess the title of her new film, with clues in the photo.


She eventually revealed the title, and in another post, explained the meaning of the title "Small Chops."



Though "Small Chops" is still in the pre-production stage, the filmmaker and production partner, Serah Donald Onyeachor, recently met with the Filmone Distribution team.

Ike made her debut as a producer in the movie "Miss Teacher," which starred her alongside Liz Benson, Jospeh Benjamin among others.

She has since produced "Happy Ending," "Dark Past," "Locked Up," One Fine  Day," "Äfrican Diva Reality Show" among others.

There's no cast, crew, plot or release date attached yet to "Small Chops."






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