Cristiano Ronaldo: 5 things Real Madrid star does to keep his shape

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Cristiano Ronaldo

These are five things Cristiano Ronaldo does to keep fit and his ripped body.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most in shape players in world football with his six packs, thin waist and wide back.

Ronaldo loves and cherishes his ripped body too, showing it off with every given opportunity like when he was celebrating that late goal against Juventus in the Champions League.

At 33, the Real Madrid star goes at length to maintain this shape, these are five things he does.

1. Swimming


Ronaldo keeps shape with swimming which he does regularly. At home after games, the Portugal international swims alone and sometimes with his son Cristiano Jnr.

2. Ice Chamber


Ronaldo is a huge fan of ice baths and no matter how painful it can get, he takes in the pain to keep in shape. He had a chamber installed at his home in 2013 after hearing it had worked well for Frank Ribery of Bayern Munich.

The liquid nitrogen reaches temperatures between -160160°C and -200°C and has huge regenerative dividends.

3. Sports drink

Ronaldo also keeps his shape with sports drink which he uses to hydrates regularly in training.

4. Daily workouts


Ronaldo is a workout junkie, something that was worrying to Real Madrid chiefs initially before they realize that it only made the player better.

He spends hours at the Real Madrid’s Valdebebas training centre or at his huge home gym.

5. Dedication

Ronaldo is extremely dedicated to keeping fit and goes at any length to achieve his goal. Paul Clement who worked with Real Madrid for three years at Real Madrid recalled how after a Champions League game in Turkey, upon arrival in Madrid, as most players were headed to their homes, Ronaldo went for an ice bath instead.






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