Emmanuel Adebayor: Ex-Arsenal player breaks up with Big Brother star Dillish

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Emmanuel Adebayor

It seems the couple have fallen out after they threw jabs at each on Instagram.

Ex-Arsenal star Emmanuel Adebayor has broken up with Big Brother Africa star Dillish Mathew.

Although it is not known when they started seeing each other, Adebayor and Dillish have been dating for some time now.

From her Instagram and SnapChat updates, Dillish regulaly visits Turkey where Adebayor plays for İstanbul Başakşehir.


It seems the couple have fallen out after they threw jabs at each on Instagram and unfollowed one another afterwards.

It first started when Dillish wrote; "What’s the one thing you would love to teach the world?


Be kind, loving, respectful, sharing, patient, gentle and truthful. My favs,” she added before Adebayor replied saying; “make all those things start from you.”

Couple unfollow each other on Instagram

Instagram observers also noticed that they had unfollowed each other.

Dillish is a Namibian model who won the 2013 edition of Big Brother Africa.

This was Adebayor’s first public relationship since he broke up with his baby mama whom he has a six-year-old daughter Kendra with.


The former Manchester City and Tottenham striker has in the past been romantically linked with some celebrities including Ghanaian-Nigerian actress Yvonne Okoro.






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