Eniola Badmus: Actress talks about alleged beef with Toyin Aimakhu over movie "Ghetto Bred"

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Eniola Badmus talks about beef with Toyin Aimakhu

Eniola Badmus also talks about what inspired "Ghetto Bred," choosing Olamide for the soundtrack and more.

Eniola Badmus has spoken to Pulse Nigeria about her alleged beef with Toyin Aimakhu over the movie titled, "Ghetto Bred."

In April, Badmus took to her official Instagram page to call out Aimakhu for using "Ghetto Bred" while publicizing her comedy movie, "The Ghost and The Tout."

In this interview with Pulse, Badmus explains what actually happened between them. She also talked about what inspired her upcoming movie, "Ghetto Bred," casting for the movie, and getting Olamide to create the official soundtrack.


Read interview below:

On alleged beef with Toyin Aimakhu over movie title 

I really don't know what the story-line [for "Ghost and the Tout" looks like. And also, the title of the movie is not the same as mine.

But Toyin Abraham was able to use the title of my movie on the cover of her movie trailer, which got a lot of people thinking, "okay, what's going on?" "This is not Ghetto Bred, Eniola Badmus has been publicizing Ghetto Bred' for quite some time.'

I have been doing a whole lot about 'Ghetto Bred' since July 2017, so why is she using it as the cover for her movie trailer? So that was the only thing that got me talking.

So I put up two posts – "there can only be one "Ghetto Bred" produced by Eniola" and "abeg oh, I dey beg, make una consider mine also.' So that's about it. I'm not in any beef with anybody. I just said mine and I moved on from there.


On what inspired "Ghetto Bred"

I really can't remember but I'm a typical production person and I just woke up one day and I thought about a character [so] I called the scriptwriter. I was able to explain to the scriptwriter and we were able to develop that. 

The  fact remains that these ideas, they just come. And when they come, it's always good you grab them because you might just forget. Most times when I need to get my script done, it's either when I wake up in the morning or when I am actually working.


On casting 

All of these people you see in "Ghetto Bred" were cast based on their abilities. No auditions, they are people already in the industry. They were cast based on their strength. Yaw, I know what he can do. I mean I have seen a lot of his jobs.

We have Yaw, we have Jide Kosoko, who plays the park chairman. We have Bolanle Ninolowo, we have Ushbebe, Lisa Omorodion among others. I don't cast out of friendship, I cast based on, 'I know this person can deliver.'


On choice of soundtrack 

Ever since we wrote the script, we knew Olamide was going to do the soundtrack. Because whether we like it or not, Olamide still has a huge hold on street.

To me, he is the king of street. "Ghetto Bred is big, I saw it then and said, 'you know what?'Let us roll with the big shots.' Apart from that, Olamide and I, we have a good connection and if I am doing stuff and I feel like Olamide would be good for it, I bring him up. Also, if he is doing stuff and he feels like I would be good for it, I am sure he would call me for it.


Reasons why fans should see 'Ghetto Bred' 

'Ghetto Bred' is a comedy film filled with beautiful and wonderful storylines. Also, you need to see the film to see another side of the cast. I am really trying to tell a story of an overzealous young woman [so] while you're laughing watching "Ghetto Bred," you would still go home with a few lessons.

The number one lesson in "Ghetto Bred" is never say never, anything can happen at anytime. 

"Ghetto Bred" debuts in cinemas on June 22, 2017.






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