Europa League: Twitter loses it as Morata misses sitter before scoring the winner for Chelsea

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Alvaro Morata, Emerson Palmieri, Davide Zappacosta

Morata was mentioned so much that he became the number one trending topic on Twitter Nigeria.

Twitter lost it when Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata missed a sitter before he went on to score the winner for Chelsea in their Europa League win over Videoton on Thursday, October 4.

Alvaro Morata this season

It was turning out to be a frustrating evening for Morata before he managed to score the 70th winner at Stamford Bridge.

But before his goal, the striker was having a mare as Twitter tore him apart for his series of missed chances.


'Worse than Torres'

Real Madrid giving Chelsea Mateo Kovačić was probably our way of saying sorry for Morata,” Twitter user with the handle @XavsFutbol said.


Morata. Morata. Morata. Folks, he’s single handedly the least confident person in the world right now,” @AlexG oldberg_ said.

Morata, throw him in the bin. He should be ashamed to call himself a striker. How the hell did he miss that? Off target completely! If he plays for Chelsea I should play for Real Madrid! Shocking,” @youneshh wrote.


I never thought I'd see something so surreal at Chelsea again, but there are more than shades of Torres about Morata right now #cfc,@liam_twomey said comparing Morata to former Chelsea striker Fernando Torres who was a big money signing at Chelsea but failed to deliver during his stay at the club.


Morata is actually worse than Torres, I never thought I’d see it,” @KingOfKorriban added another Torres comparison.

Chelsea paid £58 million for Morata, £40 million for Bakayoko, and £35 million for Danny Drinkwater,@jawnbrown said including Morata in his list of big money flops.


I have come to the realization that Morata can never be more than what he currently is. A ludicrous, lazy, lowly, lackadaisical, lumbering looney with a like for losing and a love for lethargy,@frankedoho said.


Morata is allergic to scoring goals, Giroud actually looked sorry for him after he missed that opportunity, It's honestly that bad if you can't score against Vidi,” @CFCMod_ said

“Morata needs to just stay at home & be a stay at home dad tbh. Let his wife play instead, probably do better,” @CarvalhoJTElite said.


Really don’t know how Florentino Pérez managed to get €70m for Morata. All I know is that uncle Flo is an absolute unit when it comes to business,@XavsFutbol said.


After 186,532 misses Alvaro Morata has finally scored a goal. Never give up lads,” @dheMechanic said.


The chiefs at Real Madrid should be arrested. Robbing Chelsea of £70m in return for nothing. They gave us nothing. They took £70m and ran. We've been robbed. Real Madrid, enjoy Courtois! I hope you suffer together. In all fairness, £70m for Morata is astonishing business!@youneshh wrote.


And for the millionth time im done with Morata! He is beyond help. Not even Jesus can help this guy #CFC,” @ChelsLee86 said.


I’m sorry but if one more person tells me to give Morata more of a chance after the shot he just took I will go mad    how tf did he not score ,” @RachelRitchie_ said.


Morata was mentioned so much that he became the number one trending topic on Twitter Nigeria.


Chelsea’s and Arsenal’s Europa League games dominated Twitter Nigeria conversations as reflected on the trend.

Arsenal recorded a 3-0 win over Qarabag on Wednesday.

‘Chelsea’, ‘Willian’, ‘Sarri’, ‘Arsenal’, ‘COYG’ and ‘Hazard’ were all the trending items from Wednesday’s Europa League games.






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