Focus on Anthony Joshua as Twitter react to Deontay Wilder Vs Tyson Fury fight

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Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury

Joshua is in the corner waiting for a winner from this bout and will have to wait even more after the draw.

British boxer Anthony Joshua was unsurprisingly the focus again as Twitter reacted to the heavyweight showdown between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury on Saturday, December 1.

Wilder and Fury went all the way to the 12 rounds but the fight ended in a draw despite the latter hitting the canvas twice.

Both boxers truly showed the worth in the fight and proved their worth as two of the three best boxers in heavyweight.

Joshua is in the corner waiting for a winner from this bout and will have to wait even more for the outcome of the re-fight.

He’s not the only one waiting as his name dominated Twitter conversations after the Wilder Vs Tyson fight.

The opinions were divided on Twitter as some believe he is better than the two boxers in the ring while others believe he is no match.

Despite not being the boxer in action, mentions of his name got him to the third trending item on Twitter Nigeria.


Twitter reactions

Anthony Joshua would beat both these clowns , Wilders shit #WilderFury,”  Twitter user @PavloEscobar91 wrote.


“Fury completely outclassing Wilder, making him look like an amateur. Don't think Joshua would be outclassed like this. Just shows Wilder isn't technically a good boxer, hasn't connected the jab enough to allow him to throw the right hand,” @GeorgeJCoffinn said.


This fight just proves that Anthony Joshua will whoop Wilders ass,” @ChrisEscobar99 wrote.


I guess it’s going to be Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder in a triple threat match,@Yubbie007 wrote.


Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury both calling out Anthony Joshua in the ring,” @sportingnews wrote.


A couple takeaways from #WilderFury 1. Fury is the best heavyweight boxer in the division. 2. Wilder has the eraser and it's the most devastating we have seen in recent years. 3. Anthony Joshua doesn't want either one of them,” @OHaraSports wrote.


Deontay Wilder right now trying to hit Tyson Fury. This is the same guy people thought could beat Anthony Joshua #WilderVsFury,” @AndrewsTravels wrote.


Anthony Joshua Easily will take down Deontay Wilder.. Reasons =  1. He has 0 Boxing Skills for a Modern Boxer.  3. No Jabs skill. 2. No setup Skill. 3. Foot work 50/50. 4. No Protecting skill.  5. He just swing and swing and Leaps when he punches. AJ too Technical,@Buchi_smallzy wrote.


Another draw in boxing! Neither one of them can handle Anthony Joshua though. Held the saints to 10 points,” @BrianaBette said.


Lets be clear, either of these two will get DESTROYED by Anthony Joshua #WilderFury #WilderVsFury,” @Umph_melt0023 wrote.


Fury claiming Anthony Joshua is a chicken and calling him out . AJ will knock him back into retirement #WilderFury,”  @Ricco_818 wrote.


Anthony Joshua is the happiest man that was a Draw. Lmao, @djlogansama said.


“Imagine being Anthony Joshua and two dudes just fought an incredible battle and at the end they both calling you a herb,” @mrmedina wrote.


Didn't like Fury at all up until the last 12 months and he sorted himself out. This has been a quality boxing match, thought it was over when Wilder floored him in the 12th! Boxing has been boring apart from Joshua fights but this was gold! Fury getting up like… #WilderFury,” @Quinnetic_ wrote.


Fury won obviously…no matter how u slice it, knockdowns included, he won on points still. Amazing he got up at the end, I thought he was DONE. Rematch is REQUIRED…Joshua has to wait now,” @IceJohnScully wrote.


Anthony Joshua would beat Tyson & Wilder if it were to be a triple threat match,”  @DaddyTheBoy said.


Anthony Joshua suddenly finds himself marginalized,@SeansPage1 said.


“Eddie and Joshua big winners tonight. Get to justify avoiding the big fight in April and will still somehow get 90,000 coked up goons into Wembley singing “oh Anthony Joshua” as he flatters to deceive against another average heavyweight,@hearn161 wrote.


Wilder will surely lose to Anthony Joshua if he fights him in London. There will be no favours from the  udges in London against AJ like the favours he received in America against Fury,” @ubig1 wrote.


Book Wilder/Joshua in April. I havnt seem tonight’s fight but sounds like Fury was robbed. Can always come back to rematch. Joshua & his camp seem to be dodging these guys #boxing,” @dave35price said.


Since Tyson fury and Wilder refuse to beat themselves they are not fit to fight the main champion Anthony Joshua, we will be waiting on Derick  Chisora and Dillian White on 22 of this moth to know who will face Joshua on 13 of April 2019,” @Doyen_king said.


The split decision was also  a top of debate on Twitter as many believe Fury was the clear winner.

Fuck going to America to box. Unbelievable. Still in shock. One of the worst displays of boxing I’ve ever seen from wilder. This really really waters down the value of the sport,” Twitter user @Santandave1 said.


“How do you give the first four rounds to Wilder. These people are PAID professionals. Seriously,@BoxingFA said.


The fight happened in the early morning of Sunday in West Africa but that didn’t stop Twitter Nigeria from following the game.

‘Wilder’ became the number one trending item on Twitter Nigeria after the fight with five of the 10 items from the fight.






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