Foreign Love: Watch the teaser to new movie featuring Jide Kosoko, KC Ejelonu and Tina Mba

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Foreign Love is a movie that tells the story of love that bridges the gap of cultural differences despite family pressure.

Michael Oke is set to release his first Nollywood film, titled, ''Foreign Love''.

Foreign Love is a captivating movie about a brilliant Nigerian student and an American college student, who fall in love and struggle to bridge their cultural differences in order to make their relationship work despite family pressure.

With the lead male character, Jason, played by Greg Taylor, who has always been the smartest guy in his class.

He is confident he will be the Valedictorian of his graduating class until he meets fellow classmate, Funmi [KC Ejelonu], an equally intelligent student from Nigeria.


The two are paired up to work on a class project by their professor, Dr Brown. Love comes in, while tensions flare and cultures clash.

Veteran actor, Jide Kosoko plays the role of Kunle, Funmi's father, with Tina Mba acting as Toyin, his wife.


Before long, the couple finds themselves moving from competitors in the classroom to lovers in the bedroom and navigating the treacherous minefield of romance, race, class and family, as they try to bridge their cultural differences, with their families not approving of their budding romance.

The movie is written and produced by Michael Oke and directed by Eboni Adams.






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