"Inspector K": A major undercover mission goes wrong in episode 6 [Watch]

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Watch episode 6 season 2 of web series Inspector K

Watch episode six of the 2nd season of "Inspector K," a crime comedy series about a wacky inspector.

Suss Productions and RED TV have released the sixth episode of the n the web series, “Inspector K.”

A crime comedy, the series follows a wacky inspector, who through unconventional ways solves crimes in the city of Lagos.

In the new episode, a major undercover mission goes wrong thanks to Juicy B Aka inspector K’s neighbor. Also, a connection between the murder case and OT’s has been established.

In the previous episode, Inspector K and the medical examiner tactfully cracked a murder case as the Precinct become desperate to find out who was behind the recent robbery. 

In the first season, Inspector K, who had put his division on the map through the immense success he has in solving unsolvable cases, was tasked with solving a murder case.

He was supported by two clueless but surprisingly intelligent Police officers.

The second season returns with Koye "K" 10 as the titular character. It also features Folu Storms, Babatunde Oyinbo, Demi Banwo and Ani Iyoho.






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