"Iron Man": Robert Downey Jr.'s original superhero suit has been stolen

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Original Iron Man suit has been stolen

The disappearance of the original Iron Man suit is currently being investigated by the police.

The original suit Iron  Man suit, which Robert Downey wore in the 2008 film that launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has been stolen

According to a report by Associated Press, the red-and-gold suit which is worth an estimated $325,000, has disappeared from its home in a Pacoima storage warehouse.


The costume went missing between February and April 25. The owners of the facility reported to the Los Angeles Police Department the moment they realized the suit was gone.

In the 2008 film, the suit is designed by Tony Stark to give him superhuman strength and enhance his fighting skill.

However, the superhero has updated his costumes in the years since he first appeared on the big screen. In the recently released "Avengers: Infinity War," Iron Man wore the character’s comic book famous Bleeding Edge Armor to war.


"Iron Man" was the first film in the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. The latest Marvel film, Avengers: Infinity War," which also features the superhero, broke US box-office records in its opening weekend last month, grossing $250 million.

Directed by Jon Favreau, the first "Iron Man" grossed $585. 2million worldwide.

Iron Man will be seen next in "Avengers: Infinity War 2."






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