“Klippers”: Hollywood movie stars WWE star, Kevin Nash alongside two Nigerians

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Klippers stars WWE star, Kevin Nash alongside two Nigerians

WWE star, Kevin Nash star alongside Nigeria's Conphidence and Ofu Obekpa in a new Hollywood thriller, "Klippers."

Two Nigerians acting in Hollywood, Conphidance and Ofu Obekpa, have acted alongside WWE star Kevin Nash in a new thriller, "Klippers."

While Conphidance is famous for his role in the Emmy Award winning TV series “Atlanta”, Obekpa made his mark when he worked as a production assistant in Captain America: Civil War and also starred in Black Panther as one of the King's guards.

The movie also stars Dark Roads 79 actress, Libby Blanton, Francine Locke and Furious 7 actor, Robert Pralgo.


Written and directed by Ofu Obekpa, "Klippers" is scheduled for cinema release on August 10, 2018.

Speaking on the movie, Obekpa said: My team and I paid attention to details to ensure we delivered nothing but the best production considering the fierce competition in the Industry. I knew from the onset that the story and the screenplay was vital in attracting the right actors for the various roles, which I wrote. This paid off big time as Kevin Nash and other celebrity actors could not resist and wanted to be a part of."

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About "Klippers"


"Klippers" follows the story of  an assassin sent by his psychotic employer to kill his ex-wife.

In his quest to accomplish the task, he becomes familiar with his target and this makes his mission difficult. His employer is impatient and senses that all is not well.

In comes another hit man with an intimidating profile known for zero tolerance to mediocrity in the dark business.

A series of events triggers a face off as the race to stay alive begins.






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