Make Me Fabulous: Here's your 1st look at season 2 of Stephanie Linus' reality show

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 Watch trailer for Make me Fabulous by Stephanie Linus

Watch trailer for the 2nd season of Stephanie Linus' 'Make Me Fabulous,' a reality show aimed at rekindling the spark in marriages.

Stephanie Linus has released photos and trailer for the second season of her reality TV show, "Make Me Fabulous," which made its debut in 2015.

The trailer and photos offer some exciting and emotional moments, as we see the couples share their joys at the luxurious treatment received, thanks to Linus.

Aimed at rekindling the spark in marriages, the reality show will return for the a second season on August 12 at 6pm on DSTV's Africa Magic Showcase, Channel 151.

In the first season of the show, 13 couples were treated to a lavish experience that was aimed at igniting their relationship. And just like its first season, the second season would follow the exciting journey of 13 married couples.

"Make Me Fabulous" will take these couples on a journey of transformation, giving them a chance to connect without distractions.

In each episode, these couples bare their deepest challenges, share their high and low points, and enjoy a fabulous experience. An expert style and beauty team, together with a luxury treat and fantastic prizes, are included to make their experience even more memorable.


“When I saw how much of an impact Season one was, I knew we had to do this again. But we did it with a twist. Viewers would love the new direction the show has taken, but more importantly, we hope it touches their homes and marriages in a special way," Stephanie Linus said in an official release sent to Pulse on July 24.

The featured couples were selected from actress' personal blog [] where all updates and behind the scenes and exclusive bonuses can be found.






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