Mohamed Salah: Liverpool star stunned as he meets his lookalike

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Mohamed Salah and Ahmed Bahaa

Ahmed Bahaa is an Egyptian engineer who looks like Liverpool star Mohamed Salah.

Liverpool star forward Mohamed Salah was stunned when he met his lookalike Ahmed Bahaa in Egypt.

Bahaa has risen in fame as several football supporters have mistaken his identity for the Liverpool star.

Salah has become one of the most famous players in world football following his impressive performances since his move from Roma to Liverpool in the 2017 summer transfer window.

Ahmed Bahaa has a striking resemblance to Salah but is an engineer who resides in Giza, Egypt.

Bahaa is receiving more attention as Salah has set several records since his arrival and won the PFA Player of the Year.

Salah is an icon in Egypt and because of the resemblance people easily suppose Bahaa is the Liverpool star.

Salah met his doppelganger Bahaa when he was still playing for Serie A outfit Roma.

In a video on YouTube, Bahaa revealed that he is older than the 25-year-old Salah, and when they both met the Liverpool star could not but admit the striking resemblance.

He said, "Salah was taken aback when he saw me."

Bahaa added, "He said to me he feels like he's standing in front of a mirror, but that it is he who looks like me because i'm older."

Bahaa also revealed that he is honoured to look like Salah as everybody in Egypt admires the Liverpool forward.

He said,  "Everyone feels Mohammed Salah is just like them, a cousin or a brother and i am exposed to this quite often."

Bahaa who is a graduate from the Cairo University has developed a certain amount of fame for himself via his posts on social media and his striking resemblance with Salah.

Several observers in Egypt gave their thoughts about Bahaa's resemblance to Salah.

An observer in Egypt once thought that Bahaa is Salah and even questioned why he was not on the pitch of play.

He said, “He is lovely, I even told him jokingly, what are you sitting here for,? why aren’t you playing?”

Another unnamed observer expressed happiness that Salah’s look alike resides in Egypt.

He said, “It is a great coincidence that,  I’m happy that Salah has someone who looks like him ”

Salah and his Liverpool teammates are through to face Real Madrid in the 2018 Champions League final and Bahaa could become more popular if the English side are eventually crowned winners.






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