MTV Shuga: Faa tries to get the world to believe Bada raped her in episode 10 [Watch]

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In the season six finale, Faa tries to get the world to believe what Bada did to her, Tobi misses a chance to make things right. [Watch]

The 10th episode and finale episode of the sixth season of MTV Shuga is out.

In the 10th episode, Corper Yasmin gets into trouble with the school authorities after they find out she took Frances to the hospital for a pregnancy test.

Faa decides to grant an interview after she watches Bada and Tobi deny that she was raped during the concert.

An angry Khali who was watching the interview, interrupts the show to beat up Tobi for witholding the truth and standing by Bada.


While tending to his swollen face, Princess walks up to Tobi, and the two have a conversation about how much they have changed and the mistakes they made in the past.

Tobi pays a visit to Leila's house and is punched by her uncle who recognized him from their party photos in a blog post. Tobi calls Leila, who tells him that she has returned to the North. He apologizes for not being there for her, while she takes the blame for not realizing that she was alone in the relationship.


Hadiza, who won the scholarship from the debate competition, sends her family back to the North as agreed, so she can focus on her eduction.

During Faa's interview with a radio station, a listener calls in to say she believes her story. According to her, she was also raped by Bada.

During the Parents Day show in school, Frances shares her rape story with fellow students and parents, including her mother. Her mum is obviously sad that she wasn't there for her when she needed her the most.

Set in Nigeria, the new season which focuses primarily on family planning, contraception, HIV prevention and sexual health education, friendships are tested, relationships reach risky heights, and secrets threaten to break family ties.

The show returned for the season with recurring cast members Timini Egbuson as Tobi, Jemima Osunde as Leila, Sharon Ezeamaka as Princess and Olumide Oworu as Weki.

New additions include Adebukola Oladipupo, Yakubu Mohammed, Ozzy Agu, Rahama Sadau, Funlola Aofiyebi, Nobert Young, Amal Umar, Helena Johnson, Ladani Sulaiman, and Shawn Faqua.

The new season of MTV "Shuga" is produced by Chris Ihidero and Emma Uduma and directed by Tolulope Ajayi, Ishaya Bako and Tope Oshin.

The 10th episode is directed by Tope Oshin.






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