Olanrewaju Kayode: Nigerian striker held by customs in Greek airport over illegal possession of cash

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Kayode Olanrewaju

Kayode was held for failing to declare the cash he was carrying into Greece.

Nigerian striker Olanrewaju Kayode was held by customs officials in a Greek airport for illegal possession of cash.

Kayode was recently held by customs officials at the Kyiv Boryspil airport for failure to declare the €26,500 in cash he was carrying.

The 25-year-old striker attempted to carry the €26,500 in cash into the country, violating the Ukrainian legislation that states that no more than €10,000 in cash can be brought into the country without a declaration being made.


The Manchester City striker who is on loan at Shakhtar Donetsk was held by customs officials when he went through the ‘green corridor’ without declaring his cash.

It was at the ‘green corridor’-a spot intended for persons who do not file a declaration- that the customs officials discovered that the cash in possession of the Nigerian striker.

He was given €10,000 and the rest were initially seized.

The striker was later fined over €66 and his remaining cash was returned.

A court also determined that the cash was obtained legally and were intended for the maintenance of his wife and three children.






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