Omoni Oboli: Filmmaker on how "Moms at War" tells a story that is important in today's society

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Omoni Oboli new Nollywood movie Moms at War

Omoni Oboli talks to Pulse about her new movie "Moms at War," its importance, casting, and her source of inspiration.

Omoni Oboli's upcoming film "Moms at War" is one she considers important in the society we live in today.

Blending Oboli's usual mixture of humour, melodramatics and life lessons, the movie is directed by Oboli, written by Naz Onuzo [The Wedding Party 2] and stars Funke Akindele, Michelle Dede, Yul Edochie, Abayomi Alvin, Adebukola Oladipupo among others.

In this interview with Pulse, the filmmaker who recently launched her book, "The Stars Are Ageless," spoke about "Moms at War," it's importance, casting and her source of inspiration."

Read interview below:

On what "Moms at War" is about

You know how moms are; always competitive and wanting their kids to be on top. So "Moms at War" is about two mothers who live in the same neighborhood, but hated each other.

One felt that the other was a village girl who just got into money and is not fit to be in society with them. But both their kids coincidentally attend the same school and there was a competition that was done for the kids, and both were the top of their class.

It came down to one of them winning the competition and the mothers just went crazy, doing all sort of antics. It's a story of friendship, sisterhood, and bonding in spite of everything.


On importance

I think it's a story that is very important in society today. Because a lot of people like to push the narrative that women are always fighting each other and that they can never work together.

But I always say that when women work together, we are like a force that nobody can stop.


On what inspires her films

I tend to watch people a lot. When I am with a group of people, I'm constantly watching them. I'm listening to them. I am trying to know what makes people tick.

So one way or the other, those things come into play in my stories and in my movies. But it is what it is, you have to get your inspiration from somewhere.

On casting for "Moms at War"

I didn't write the story. It was written by Naz Onuzo, who is also my partner on the project. You know how when you read a story [and] you just see certain people in it. I just read it and I thought Funke Akindele was great for the character.

I played alongside her [and] everyone knows how crazy Funke is, and that particular character is just a crazy girl. She is a happy-go-lucky person.

She played it very well and I am happy we cast her for that role. Michelle Dede was my friend [in the film] – as stuck up as my character was in the film, and it was great. 

Yul Edochie, [it was my] first time working with him. I had never worked with him as an actor, I had never worked with him as a director. And I think he was just amazing.

He is the kind of person that just listens. If you tell him "this is how I want it," he's just like "okay director," and he does it exactly how you want it. I can't wait for everyone to see the movie.


Omoni Oboli is a commercial phenomenon who has produced, directed and starred in box office hits such as "First Lady," "Okafor's Law" and "Being Mrs Elliot."

Her other upcoming works include "King of Boys," a star-studded film by Kemi Adetiba, and a small screen adaptation of her hit movies, "Wives on Strike."

There's no release date yet for "Moms at War."






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