Ramsey Nouah: Actor on why his new movie "Crazy People" is worth seeing in cinemas

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Ramsey  Nouah on new Nollywood movie Crazy People

Conceived 4 years ago by Moses Inwang, "Crazy People" is a new Nollywood movie which stars Ramsey Nouah in dual role.

Ramsey Nouah has shared why his latest movie "Crazy People" is worth seeing in the cinemas.

During an interview with Pulse, the actor, who also co-produced the movie, spoke about what makes the project unique, funding, challenges and more.

"Crazy People" is a Moses Inwang film, which stars Nouah as a famous Nollywood star, who returns  to the industry after a one-year hiatus. He is on a mission to track down and prosecute one person – his impersonator.

With the help of his new manager Lucinda, a fellow inmate while he was confined in a mental facility – Rosewood Medical Centre – he sets out to find the imposter.

The story for "Crazy People" was conceived by Inwang four years ago.

"We gave birth to the story four years ago. We tried to work on it a couple of times and did a couple of drafts. We thought of how to make it work in the market today because it's kind of hard," Nouah told Pulse.

Originally, the movie was written to be a thriller, but currently showing in cinemas, it is an infusion of a couple of genres: drama, suspense, comedy and thriller.


"Crazy People" is a Bank of Industry funded movie. A single-digit loan, the actor reveals.

"They came on board to reduce the pressure on the finances. However, it's still very much there because it's a loan. But it's a single digit loan. At least that's a soft landing for us, you might say."


Nouah likens the lessons that would be learned from the film to the appeal of abstract painting.

"It's like a work of art. Of course, there's always a message in the end, but some directors are just abstract. And for this, there's so many lessons to take home, I just don't want to let the cat out of the bag. I want you all to go see it, and let me know what they think about the movie."

Speaking on why the movie is worth seeing, Nouah says "Crazy People" has virtually everything; a good story, a good cast, and a bit of comedy.

"It's a story that has to do with a bit of mentally deranged people. People who just get into their space and then they forget that the world exits around them. It's a story that has to do with impersonation too and all of that. It's got a lot of twists here and there, which I think you should go find out yourself in the cinema."

For "Crazy People," Nouah challenges himself by playing multiple characters. And to him, it's like a re-enactment of his role in the classic Tade Ogidan 2004 film, Dangerous Twins," which also had him play a dual character.

"It is almost like that, I didn't say it's like that," he clarified.

Working on set of "Crazy People" was a smooth sail for Nouah. "I was working with Moses Inwang, who, naturally, isn't normal. He is a funny chap. Everything is funny to him, he cracks up all the time, and we had a lot of fun just being a set.

I can't recall any day of too much pressure on set. I can't remember. If there was, then it wasn't strong."

Produced and directed by Moses Inwang, the movie also stars Chioma “Chigul” Omerua, Sola Sobowale, Ireti Doyle, Monalisa Chinda, Desmond Elliot and Kunle Afolayan.

"Crazy People" is currently showing in cinemas.






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