Ramsey Nouah: How Hollywood influenced Nollywood actor's acting career

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Ramsey  Nouah on new Nollywood movie Crazy People

Nouah also talks about not being proud of some of the movies he has acted in. "Most times, it's based on sentiments" – the actor says.

Over the years, Hollywood has served as a blueprint for its counterparts from several parts of the world, including Nollywood.

Since Nollywood actor Ramsey Nouah made his debut in the 90s, he has covered a variety of genre, earning nominations and winning awards for his talent.


During an interesting chat with Pulse Nigeria while promoting his new movie "Crazy People," the actor shares how Hollywood has influenced his career. He also talks about featuring in movie projects he isn't proud of.

Read interview below.

On how Hollywood influenced his career

I remember we were watching them while we were growing up, so it was a learning curve for me. I learnt from all the action heroes back in the days: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and actors back in the days.

I used to love their work, there was just something about it. And that was my drive when I was growing up. And we[Nollywood] did movies then [and] I was hoping that we would get better because our movies, technically, didn't come anywhere close.

We didn't have Youtube at the time, so anywhere I could get write-ups for me to read and understudy how best to upgrade or make us better, I would learn. So I am one of those people that you could say flew the New Nollywood flag. You know like, 'let's do it right, let's get better,' 'let's move the industry forward.'

And yes, they [Hollywood] have helped me a lot. Looking at their movies, you really want to get as good as they are. Not just acting, but production quality.


On if he has featured in movies he isn't proud of

Yes I have. But I am not going to mention any name. It's gonna hurt the producer if I did. Most times, it's based on sentiments. You have friends and they come up and say they want to do something and they want you to help and assist them. And you did. 

So we learnt and got burnt in the process. Now I don't allow friendship and sentiments in work anymore. If it's not good – because my face is out there and it's just going to mess up all the stuff I have built all these years.

So when they come and say 'ah Ramsey, just do it for us,'  – because of the way we do business in Nigeria, it's more like a brotherhood thing. Everyone comes to you like they know you. And I realized that wasn't working well for me, hence I had to get a manager.

When it gets to that point [where filmmakers ask for help], I just say, 'the manager will talk to you.' So you can have that interface, take away the sentiments and the emotions, take off those emotional blackmails.


Over the years, Nouah has featured in critically acclaimed movies such as "Dangerous Twins," "76," "Figurine," "Gbomo Gbomo Express," "Confusion  Na Wa" among others.

His most recent work is "Crazy People," a comedy film which is currently showing in cinemas.






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