Salisu Yusuf: ‘A slap in the wrist’ Twitter reacts to NFF’s one-year ban for Nigerian coach

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Salisu Yusuf

After the verdict was announced, Nigerians who took to Twitter to react believe the one-year ban is a mild punishment.

‘A slap on the wrist’ was what a journalist on Twitter called the one-year ban on Nigerian coach Salisu Yusuf who has been found guilty of collecting bribe to select players.

After a meeting with Yusuf, the NFF Ethics Committee on Tuesday, September 4 gave the coach a one-year ban from all football-related activities.

The coach was caught on camera collecting N357, 000 ($1,000) from journalists posing as football agents who wanted him to select two players for the 2018 African Nations Championship (CHAN) in Morocco.

After the verdict was announced, Nigerians who took to Twitter to react believe the one-year ban is a mild punishment.

A one-year ban is a slap on the wrist for Salisu Yusuf, in my opinion,” ace football writer Solace Chukwu wrote on Twitter.


One year ban for that level of national embarrassment is way too mild. Not good enough from the NFF. Salisu Yusuf should be dealt with more than this,” Olawale Agbede said.


Some Journos are defending the NFF after they treated such a disgrace like Salisu Yusuf with so much mildness.

“Don't collect stipends from administrators and then lose your conscience. Don't be part of the problem. No way Salisu should be near football ever again.”


Says a lot about a country, when her journalists make a case corruption,” sports broadcast journalist Kelechi Nkoro said.


Say all you want.. Salisu Yusuf should not be allowed around Football again after this disgraceful act. 1year Ban and $5000 a shame to our country. The NFF is a Joke.”

Super Eagles coach, Salisu Yusuf fined $5000 and 1yr ban by the NFF. This is someone caught on camera receiving bribe o. This is a huge joke! He should have been banned for 10yrs it not for life,” a Twitter user with the handle @Onos_147 wrote.


Salisu Yusuf is another example that indeed it pays to be a criminal in Nigeria where tolerable corruption is the order of the day! Steal money, Collect Bribe, Give Bribe. When caught, bribe the panelists. Get a soft punishment Same system!,” Twitter influencer LadiSpeaks wrote.


The NFF suspending Salisu Yusuf for only 1yr with a $5,000 fine goes to show you that even with evidence/proof, our corrupt government officials will only be flogged on their palm and allowed to go back into governance. Ah ah!” another Twitter user @LegitNigerian said.


So, the @thenff ethics committee have recommended just one year ban for coach Salisu Yusuf after collecting $1000 bribe from an undercover journo posing as football agent…The question is, is the recommended punishment is enough for the offence committed by Salisu Yusuf,” journalist Tomiwa Babalola said.


Absolutely DISGRACEFUL and SHAMEFUL that all Salisu Yusuf got from the NFF is a one year ban & $5,000 fine! That's a slap on the wrist!@DslientG said.


Some other Twitter users further opined that an outright sack would have been the right punishment for the former Enyimba coach.

In a sane country, Super Eagles coach Salisu Yusuf would've resigned after the circulation of that video of him receiving bribe, but… This is Nigeria In a sane country, NFF ought to fire (not suspend) him after said misconduct, but… This is Nigeria,Lerd Chigbo said.

Coach Salisu Yusuf shouldn’t have bothered the NFF Ethics Committee. He should have resigned. It’s not a good example when you’re found guilty of bribery. You lose respect and honour from everyone, especially your players. But it’s understandable in this part to not ‘walk away.,” sportscaster Bolarinwa Olajide said.


$5000 fine and 1yr ban for Super Eagles coach Salisu Yusuf. The NFF should have just fired him. Is he the only good football coach in Nigeria? He was recorded collecting a bribe, we all watched it. Your company will fire you for less,” Wale Gates wrote on Twitter.


$5000 fine and 1yr ban for Super Eagles coach Salisu Yusuf. Some are saying… “he is the only good football coach in Nigeria” WTF ? The man should have been fired and put behind bars,” @ogbeni_opa said.

Top of the trends


The conversation around his ban dominated conversations on Wednesday morning as ‘Salisu Yusuf’ became the number trending topic on Twitter Nigeria.

Yusuf was also given a fine of N1.8m ($5000) fine which is to be paid within three months of the date of the decision.

In an investigation led by Ghanaian journalist Anas Aremeyaw, reporters posing as football agents for some players approached Yusuf in September 2017 for a conversation about players’ selection.

During the conversation, they handed the Nigerian coach N360, 000 ($1000) and alluded to more cash incentives if he selects their players for CHAN 2018 which held in Morocco.

The meeting happened in Ghana during the 2017 WAFU Cup where Nigeria finished second after losing the final 4-1 to host Ghana.

NB: $1=N357






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