Tech: Apple's stock just went into the red for the year (AAPL)

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Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple's stock is now down for the year after gaining more than 35% through September.

  • Apple stock closed at $168.49 on Friday, sliding more than 3%.
  • Apple is now down for the year. On the last day of trading in 2017, December 29, it closed at $169.23.
  • Apple stock has had a wild year of ups and downs. It gained more than 35% through the first nine months of the year — spurred by tax cuts, share buybacks, and rising iPhone prices.
  • But it has slumped over the past two months. It's lost 27% since October 3, when it closed at $232.07.
  • There are a lot of reasons for Apple's slide, including fears of slowing iPhone sales, reduced disclosures, and China risk.
  • Watch Apple trade in real-time here.

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