Tech: LIVE: The FCC is voting to repeal net neutrality

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The FCC is voting to roll back a 2015 order protecting net neutrality. It is expected to pass. The hearing kicks off at 10:30 AM ET, and we'll have the latest.

  • The FCC will vote on a repeal of net neutrality rules Thursday. It's expected to pass.
  • The FCC will meet at 10:30 a.m. Eastern. We'll have live updates from the meeting as they happen.

The FCC will meet Thursday to vote on a repeal of net neutrality rules put in place in 2015. The repeal is practically guaranteed to pass the Republican-controlled commission in a 3-2 vote.

The repeal would take away regulations that barred internet service providers (ISPs) from slowing down content, charging you more to access sites and online services, and charging users or companies for so-called "fast lanes" to some sites.

The repeal is likely to result in higher prices and fewer choices for consumers, and it will be a boon to ISPs that will enter into a new environment where they'll be free to commoditize the internet and figure out new ways make money off their customers' internet access.

The meeting starts at 10:30 a.m. Eastern and is scheduled to last two hours. Net neutrality repeal isn't the only item on the meeting's agenda, so it may be awhile before the vote happens. You can also stream the meeting here.

We'll have all the news and important comments from the FCC commissioners as soon as it happens. Please refresh this post for the latest. In the meantime, here's a primer on everything that's at stake with the net neutrality repeal.

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