Tech: People are complaining that Apple Store sales systems went down on new iPhone release day, and they can't get their new phones (AAPL)

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Some people say that the Apple Store point-of-sale system went down, and now they can't get the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max that they preordered.

Apple's newest phones, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, went on sale on Friday.

One way to make sure you get the latest iPhone or Apple Watch on launch day is to reserve the new phone through the Apple Store app, and then head to a physical Apple store to pick it up. Apple's improved reservation system is one reason why Apple's famous launch lines seemed to be shorter this year than in previous years.

One problem, though — Apple's reservation system is down in at least some of its retail store locations, according to a slew of reports on social media. Even some people who prepaid for their phones in the app say that they've been unable to get their hands on it.

We've reached out to Apple for more information and will update this post when it becomes available.

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