Tech: Spotify just unveiled a new free version of its mobile app — here's your first look at all the changes (SPOT)

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Spotify redesigned features of its mobile app to make it better for free users.

  • Spotify on Tuesday unveiled a new free version of its mobile app.
  • The app now gives non-paying users more control over their music by letting them listen to playlists in any order.
  • Spotify's smartphone app was previously limited to shuffle mode for those not paying for the Premium tier.

Spotify has redesigned its mobile app to make it better for non-paying users.

The music streaming giant on Tuesday unveiled the new version of its free smartphone app. The redesigned Spotify app gives non-paying users features like new tools for creating playlists, a new low-data mode, and more control over their music.

The free Spotify app will now give free users access to 15 playlists, which is equivalent to 750 tracks or about 40 hours of music. Those playlists can be played in any order, rather than in shuffle mode.

It's also easier for free users to create their own playlists, and those playlists can be listened to in Spotify's new "low data mode," which Spotify says will reduce data consumption by as much as 75%.

"The better our free experiences, the more likely it is that our free users will become Spotify Premium users," Gustav Söderström, Spotify's chief research and development officer, said at an event to unveil the new app.

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