Tech: Starz has 3 'Power' spin-offs in development, including a prequel TV series starring 50 Cent

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Starz is developing spin-offs of its show 'Power,' including a prequel series starring Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's character.

  • Starz is developing three spin-offs of its hit series, "Power."
  • One of them includes a prequel starring Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's character, Kanan.
  • Starz CEO Chris Albrecht said that he's "happy to have them all work, but we're determined to have at least one."
  • Jackson signed a multi-series deal with Starz this year, reported to be worth up to $150 million, and has other projects outside of the "Power" universe in development.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for "Power."

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson won't be returning as an actor to the Starz hit series, "Power," but he's not finished with the premium network and that universe.

During a conversation at Business Insider's Ignition conference this week, Jackson and Starz CEO Chris Albrecht said that three "Power" spin-offs are in the works, including one starring Jackson's character, Kanan, who died during season five this year. (Season six is currently in production, and Jackson is still an executive producer on the show.)

"The prequel is my spin-off," Jackson said. "I get the chance to come back. I'm dead. It's cool, though. It gives the chance to show the world where all of these characters grew in so you can see the defining moments that developed their imperfections that people are attracted to at the moment. It's exciting. It's TGE, the golden era."

Albrecht said that three spin-offs are currently moving "all at the same time."

"I'm happy to have them all work, but we're determined to have at least one," Albrecht added. "BMF [Black Mafia Family], other projects we have going … there's a lot of activity. And it's important because there's a lot of fans out there that want to see more of those characters and new stuff like BMF, which is going to be amazing. Not easy, but amazing."

Earlier this year, Jackson signed an exclusive multi-series deal with Starz to develop scripted and unscripted content, reported to be worth up to $150 million. One project in development is "Black Mafia Family," about the 1980s drug organization founded by Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory.

Watch the full interview with Jackson and Albrecht here.

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