Tech: The 'silk white' model of this $570 Android smartphone will be the most beautiful phone you can buy when it's released

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Apologies to anyone who already bought a regular black OnePlus 6.

Much to the delight of OnePlus fans, the OnePlus 6 is available to buy right now, and it's a hell of a smartphone.

In fact, the OnePlus 6 is so good — and such a good value, starting at $530 — that it's the top smartphones you can buy at the moment.

But wait, OnePlus isn't done just yet. A quick look at the company's website reveals there's a third "silk white" model coming out in limited numbers on Tuesday.

That model costs $570 and comes with 8 GB of RAM, which is a huge amount compared with other smartphones and helps the phone run incredibly smoothly. The silk-white OnePlus 6 also comes with a healthy 128 GB of storage space too.

I've had some time with the silk-white OnePlus 6, and I'm declaring that it's the best-looking smartphone you can buy when it's released.

Check out the silk-white OnePlus 6:

At first glance, the silk-white OnePlus 6 looks like a standard white smartphone.

When you hold it and shine it under different lighting though, the white color and the matte glass texture reveal a gorgeous, silky, pearly aesthetic.

The silk-white OnePlus 6 also has matte metal edges in a light rose-gold hue that isn't overly saturated or too deep in color.

Oddly enough, the photos on OnePlus' website makes the metal look more gold than rose gold. It's certainly closer to a rose-gold color.

If I were to buy a OnePlus 6, this would be my choice.

The rose-gold accents throughout the phone match perfectly with the silky white color and matte glass texture.

On the front, it's hard to distinguish which of these is the silk-white model when placed next to the standard black models.

Upon closer inspection, you can see that the silk-white model has a silver edge. The black models are all black.

And the black models have black edges, which look classy and understated — but tame compared with the rose-gold accents on the silk-white model.

The standard black models are nice, but the silk-white model is on another level.

The only other Android smartphone that comes close in terms of looks is the Essential Phone in "ocean depths."

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