Tech: The world’s richest man Jeff Bezos reveals how he thinks about spending his infinite amounts of cash

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Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos opens up about how he spends his multi-billion dollar fortune.

  • Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos revealed how he intends on spending his $105 billion fortune during a recent conversation with Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner.
  • Bezos said his space program Blue Origin is currently his top financial priority.
  • Bezos said he doesn't spend his money on guilty pleasures, per se, but that he enjoys vacationing with his wife and four children.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently became the world's richest man with an accumulated net worth of $105 billion.

How does earth's wealthiest tech mogul think about deploying his billions?

At an awards event hosted by Axel Springer and Business Insider US editor-in-chief Alyson Shontell, Bezos opened up to Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner about how he intends to spend his staggering amount of personal capital.

"The only way that I can see deploying this much financial resource is by converting my Amazon winnings into space travel," said Bezos.

Bezos said he intends to continue to use the bulk of his income to fund his space program Blue Origin, which Bezos said he currently funds with $1 billion of Amazon stock per year.

"Blue Origin is expensive enough to be able to use that fortune," said Bezos. "I plan to continue [liquidating Amazon stock to fund Blue Origin] for a long time."

Bezos said he felt lucky to have accumulated an incredible amount of wealth, which could be used for what he described as a "mission driven purpose" that he believed would have long-term importance.

When pressed as to whether or not Bezos planned to use his income on any guilty pleasures, he laughed.

"I don't think [my pleasures] are that guilty," he said. Bezos said he prefers spending time with his wife and children and mentioned a recent vacation to Norway where he and his family stayed in an ice hotel and went dog sledding.

"It was an incredible vacation and we got it all done in three and half days," Bezos said.

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