Tech: These are the 18 most prestigious tech internships in 2018, according to interns

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Vault, a website that offers employer rankings and reviews, asked current and former interns which companies would be the most prestigious to work at.

If you're wondering which companies have the most attractive internship programs, it's probably best to ask interns themselves.

Vault, a website that provides employer rankings and reviews, asked more than 12,000 current and former interns to rate companies based on how desirable they are to land an internship with. Vault ranked 50 companies overall — and 18 of those were tech companies.

Employers were ranked on a scale of 1-10, with 10 meaning "It's a dream job!" and one meaning "No one wants to work there," according to Vault.

Here are the 18 most prestigious tech internships in 2018, and their overall score on a scale from 1-10.

19. Hulu (Score: 6.84/10)

2018 ranking (out of 50): 48

2017 ranking (out of 50): NR

Hulu is a web-based movie and TV streaming service.

18. Sony (Score: 6.87/10)

2018 ranking (out of 50): 43

2017 ranking (out of 50): 35

Sony is a multimedia company, specializing in audio, photo, video, and game consoles.

17. Hewlett-Packard (Score: 6.98/10)

2018 ranking (out of 50): 41

2017 ranking (out of 50): 28

Hewlett-Packard, also known as HP, is a hardware and software company, specializing in products like personal computers, laptops, and printers.

16. Samsung (Score: 6.98/10)

2018 ranking (out of 50): 40

2017 ranking (out of 50): 37

Samsung is a conglomerate, but is well-known for its Galaxy line of Android smartphones.

15. Oracle (Score: 6.99/10)

2018 ranking (out of 50): 39

2017 ranking (out of 50): 27

Oracle is a software company specializing in cloud technology and applications.

14. Spotify (Score: 7.17/10)

2018 ranking (out of 50): 35

2017 ranking (out of 50): NR

Spotify is one of the largest subscription-based music streaming platform in the world, with more than 47 million monthly users.

13. HBO (Score: 7.34/10)

2018 ranking (out of 50): 29

2017 ranking (out of 50): NR

HBO is a subscription cable network that also specializes in web streaming.

11. Twitter (Score: 7.40/10)

2018 ranking (out of 50): 25

2017 ranking (out of 50): 13

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms available, with more than 330 million monthly active users worldwide.

10. Linkedin (Score: 7.46/10)

2018 ranking (out of 50): 24

2017 ranking (out of 50): NR

Linkedin is a career-based social network intended for networking, finding job opportunities, and keeping in touch with colleagues. Microsoft purchased LinkedIn in 2016.

9. Intel (Score: 7.61/10)

2018 ranking (out of 50): 17

2017 ranking (out of 50): 20

Intel is a computer hardware enterprise company, most known for its processors and chipsets.

8. IBM ( Score: 7.79/10)

2018 ranking (out of 50): 14

2017 ranking (out of 50): 20

IBM is an information technology enterprise company that has been operating for over 100 years.

7. Netflix (Score: 7.97/10)

2018 ranking (out of 50): 12

2017 ranking (out of 50): NR

Netflix is a streaming platform for movies and TV shows that also produces its own original movies and shows.

6. Amazon (Score: 8.48/10)

2018 ranking (out of 50): 7

2017 ranking (out of 50): 11

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, and also provides cloud services and streaming.

5. Tesla (Score: 8.67/10)

2018 ranking (out of 50): 6

2017 ranking (out of 50): 6

Tesla is an electric car and solar panel manufacturer.

4. Microsoft (Score: 8.71/10)

2018 ranking (out of 50): 4

2017 ranking (out of 50): 5

Microsoft is a hardware and software company which distributes the Windows operating system and Xbox game console, along with its Surface lineup of hardware.

3. Facebook (Score: 8.87/10)

2018 ranking (out of 50): 3

2017 ranking (out of 50): 3

Facebook is the largest social network in the world, and owns apps like Instagram and WhatsApp.

2. Apple (Score: 9.24/10)

2018 ranking (out of 50): 2

2017 ranking (out of 50): 2

Apple manufactures phones, laptops, tablets, and other hardware, along with proprietary software.

1. Google (Score: 9.57/10)

2018 ranking (out of 50): 1

2017 ranking (out of 50): 1

Google is a hardware and software company, most known for its search engine. It's also the manufacturer of various smart home devices and the Pixel line of smartphones.

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