Tech: These kids' extremely clever Fortnite hustle could be the future of the lemonade stand

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One euro to play Fortnite: Battle Royale, at this booth at the Amsterdam King's Day festivities. Ten euros in prize money if you win.

Move over, lemonade stand, because these kids may have found the next great way to make pocket money.

All it took was a Macbook Air, a monitor and keyboard, and a sign that said "Fortnite: €1 to play, GET €10 IF YOU WIN," and a group of three friends were in business. That's according to Owen Williams, the proprietor of tech newsletter service, who shared the photos on Twitter.

It's just another sign of how "Fortnite: Battle Royale," the last-player-standing island deathmatch video game, has become a global phenomenon.

Take a look:

One of the young entrepreneurs' parents were apparently holding a garage sale during the festival, hence the curbside table. He took the chance to set up the Fortnite booth alongside the garage sale.

Williams said he didn't get a chance to play, because the stand had attracted quite a crowd of mostly kids, eager to play. He also said that in the time he spent watching the booth, nobody had yet won, so their business model seems to be holding up just fine.

Williams also posted about the Fortnite stand on Twitter.

The kids decided to set up the stand for King's Day, a national holiday in The Netherlands, which is celebrated with all-day festivals. It's a tradition for kids to set up games and earn pocket money, but Williams notes that they took it to the "next level."

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