#UNCAGE: How Tboss, Maria Okan, Deyemi Okanlawon, Ehiz, others uncaged their fears to achieve greatness

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Fear, is one thing that holds people back from pursuing goals and achieving greatness.

Fear, is one thing that holds people back from pursuing goals and achieving greatness. Fear, is what dwell in people's minds and derails them from living a life of purpose. Fear, is dangerous.

For many people who have been able to uncage their fears by striving towards personal goals and achieving greatness, it's a battle that was always worth it in the end.

That was what many Nigerian celebrities shared while expressing what keeps them going in their chosen careers.

Actors Deyemi Okanlawon, Kunle Remi, Big Brother Naija runner-up TBoss, radio/tv hosts Maria Okanrende, Nancy Isime, and Ehiz all have one thing in common – they tackled their fears head-on by striving for what they strongly believed in.

Okanlawon, after finally overcoming fears of the unknown, quit his lucrative job at a top e-commerce company to become a full time actor about five years ago.

"It was nights of being terrified about what the future held. I’d say it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve taken in my entire life," Okanlawon said.

"I knew that even though the challenge was huge, the future was not particularly clear, I had it in me to overcome."

The actor, while stressing the importance of preparation, advised that "every challenge is something to embrace if you’re going to uncage your fears."

He said he is of the school of thought that "everyone has to get to that point when you forget to be afraid and you go after what you want."

TBoss' battle against her fears isn't any different, as one of the favorite housemates in the 2017 Big Brother reality show revealed that she had decided to go into the house while nursing the fear of validation and acceptance.

"I faced and uncaged my fears holding me down by going into Big Brother house," she revealed.

Now, Tboss, real name Tokunbo Idowu, strongly believes she "can do whatever I set my mind on", without seeking public validation.

After studying an engineering course, MTV Base host, Ehiz found his calling in the entertainment terrain. He had fears of not having a clear direction after school while embracing what he called a "scary" transition. His greatest fear was failure.

Ehiz said: "I faced the fear of taking my skills on an international level when MTV came calling."

He, however, has no regrets about bracing up to his fears to get to where he is today.

"The only way to uncage your fear is to do something about it," he said. "One lesson I’ve learnt about uncaging my fear is to be free. Uncage your fear and live free, it works."

Maria Okanrende's calm and confident demeanor behind the mic and in front of the camera was not perfected until she overcame her fears after she got her major job at Beat Fm. Okanrende learnt to overcome nervousness, which usually resulted in her talking very fast.

Even though her first day on air was not very memorable, Okanrende said "the big lesson I’ve learnt about uncaging your fears is to just be bold and do it."

Kunle Remi's major fear, like Ehiz, is about not achieving his goals. The actor had to uncage his fears which was largely hinged on failure to land movie roles after going through several auditions.

"What has helped me uncage my fears is the realization that there is a process, so I wake up every morning and I make sure I get to it," Kunle revealed.

He advised anyone nursing such fears to "follow one’s intuition to do what exactly what you want to it. Just go for it like it’s your last."

For Nancy Isime, losing her mother at a very young age was in itself a reason to be fearful of being unable to reach her full potentials. She only wanted to be sure she was making her late mom proud.

"How I got to uncage my fear was basically doing my best to be myself and just be strong," she said. "The one lesson I learnt from losing my mom is that nothing is guaranteed, nothing is promised. You’re here today and tomorrow, you’re no more. Just give life your best shot, understand that everything is vanity."

Many young Nigerians, like these celebrities, fight their fears everyday, hoping that one day, they'd be strong enough to uncage such fears and strive to achieve the very thing they believe in. One very big lesson learnt from these celebrities' journeys is that nothing is impossible to achieve for anyone willing to uncage his fears.

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