World Cup 2018: Player rankings from game between Russia and Saudi Arabia

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We look at how the players fared at the end of the opening game

Russia subjected Saudi Arabia to a 5-0 beat down in the opening game of the 2018 World Cup. This how the players performed to that effect.


Igor Akinfeev -8


The experienced goalkeeper was that leader at the back as he managed to hold his for and arrange the defense

Mario Fernandes -6
Fernades played his part at right back as he kept on initiating attack from the right side of defense from time to time.

Ilya Kutepov -6

He managed to keep his shape during the game

Sergei Ignashevitch -6

He had a great partnership with Kutepov at the backline

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Yuri Zhirkov -7

The veteran was industrious at right back as he was the go-to-man for dead ball situations

Yuri Ganzunskiy -6

The first goal in the 2018 World Cup had to be Yuri Ganzunskiy but had an average game after wards

Alan Dzagoev -4

The key player had to suffer an injury 10 minutes into the game and needed to be yanked off

Roman Zobnin -8
Zobnin happened to man that set off the pace and kept things going the middle of the park

Aleksander Golovin -9


Golovin was outstanding throughout the game as he scored 1 goal and provided 2 assists. Golovin happened to made

Aleksander Semedov

He happened to add his some ignition to the Russian attack but contributed the least to the win

Feder Smolov

The striker was below par in this very game he will need to improve as he faces tough competition in Dzyuba

 Dennis Cherysev- 8.5

The former Real Madrid star scored a brace after replacing Alan Dzagoev. Cherysev was electrifying as he came on and dazzled the crowd to make the headlines

Artem Dzyuba -6

The striker came for 20 minutes but managed to get a goal was all over the place in the dying minutes of the game

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Daler Kuzyaev -4

He did came on just to add to the party and provided useful fresh legs to the scheme of things


Al-Mayoof -4

The keeper was not a safe pair of hands put up and atrocious performance leading to him conceding 5 goals

Osama Hawsawi-5

Osama Hawsawi obiously put in his best but was not good enough

Omar Hawsawi -6

Omar Hawsani was all over the place but could not see the light of day

Mohammed Al-Burayk -5

Al Buryak managed to put in a good shift as he made a few tackles but efforts proved futile

Yasir Al Shahrani -7

He could pass as the best defensive player for the side on the day as he did get almost everything on point and it is a shame he will

Al Faraj -4

The midfielder was piss poor as he failed put up a good enough performance on the day.

Al Shehri -3

He could not put up a good shift as he was yanked off in the 74 minute


Ateef was totally missing in the thick of things in this one.

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Al Jassam -5

He managed to play full time and do his bit but that could not change much

Al Dawasari -6

He had much of the ball but that could not translate into much

Al Sahlawi -4


The intended star of the show did not live up to billing as he was kept quiet by the Russian defense


He played 16 minutes of the game and had little effect on the game

Al Muwallad-2

He had 26 minutes of sprints, few touches and nothing else 


He would relish that 5 minute sprint in his game.







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